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Wheels and rollers

norelem offers a comprehensive range of high quality wheels, rollers and castors for demanding industrial applications. Swivel, fixed and elevating castors as well as guide rollers for use as standard transport rollers or heavy-duty castors are available from stock. You can choose wheels and castors made from resilient materials such as rubber, plastics or metal for your transport equipment. Depending on the application, the versatile treads ensure high temperature resistance, increased corrosion protection or reduced electrical conductivity for our wheels and castors. Soft, floor-protecting and noise-reduced rubber treads are suitable for sensitive environments. In demanding applications, break and abrasion resistant rollers made of polyamide or steel are used. Choose the appropriate solution for your floor type and transport equipment from our catalogue.

Types and differences

Whether it is heavy duty castors for industrial trucks or guide rollers in logistic applications such as packaging lines and conveyor systems: wheels, rollers and castors from norelem offer specific advantages for each area. Mobile devices are not only used in branches such as intralogistics or machine and plant construction, but also in sectors with special requirements for hygiene, electrostatics, temperature or safety. We guarantee high quality standards for the best running performance and highest system safety in your application.

Swivel castors

The wheels of swivel castors are mounted with an horizontal offset. This offset enables easy swivelling without further aids and lends the castor a stable running performance. Machines and equipment can be better manoeuvred as a result. Locking devices such as the wheel or swivel lock "stop-fix" securely prevent further movement of your equipment.

Fixed castors

Fixed castors, combined with swivel castors, provide directional stability for machines and equipment. Our castors are available in different material versions for use in e.g. hygienic or electrostatically protected areas.

Guide Rollers

Guide rollers are made from exceptionally break-resistant polyamide. They have a low rolling resistance for easy running on smooth floors. They are particularly suitable for conveyor belts and gates to provide quiet running.

Compact and levelling castor

Elevating castors made of unbreakable polyamide are suitable for raising and securely fixating equipment. An ergonomically shaped operating lever facilitates the operation of your application with elevating castors. With the optional swivelling elevating castors you can manoeuvre machines and equipment more easily.

Heavy-Duty Castors

For lift trucks or forklifts we have durable heavy-duty castors in our range. Heavy duty castors have a permanently moulded-on tread on a steel wheel. They are gentle to the floor and have high restoring elasticity with long service life.

Material variations for diverse treads

Wheels, rollers and castors from norelem are available in a wide range of materials, matched to the application area. In addition to PU materials, rubber wheels and castors as well as polyamide wheels and castors are particularly suitable for industrial applications. If you choose rubber as a floor-protecting tread, you will also benefit from vibration damping properties. Wheels and castors made of rubber are resistant to many aggressive media, except oils. In addition, these products offer convincingly smooth running and drive qualities. Thanks to low starting and rolling resistance combined with high abrasion resistance, rubber wheels offer a high level of driving comfort.
Plastic wheels made of polyamide are particularly break and abrasion resistant as well as temperature resistant from -40°C to +80°C. Special heat-resistant polyamide can be used at temperatures of up to +250°C.

It's the mixture that counts! How to optimise your transport application

Finding the optimum castor for a specific application is not always easy. Starting and rolling resistances, floor protection and rolling noise can be influenced by various factors.

Starting and rolling resistance

Force is required to bring a wheel from a resting to a moving state. The force to be applied results from the starting resistance. The same applies to rolling resistance to keep a wheel in uniform motion. For optimum tuning you should consider the following factors for starting and rolling resistance:
• Wheel diameter
• Tread
• Tread hardness
• Tread elasticity
• Wheel bearings
• Floor
Robust, hard steel wheels, for example, are characterised by low rolling resistance. Nevertheless, they cannot be used everywhere and at all times, as steel rollers place greater stress on the floor than soft treads.

Floor protection

A harder tread stresses the floor more than a softer one. The average area pressure provides information about the applied force. It is important to achieve an optimum relationship between material dimensioning, transport weight, tread surface and floor. The following values for the average area pressure can be assumed for tread materials:
• Pneumatic tyres ~ 0.8 N/mm²
• Soft rubber ~ 0.8 N/mm²
• Super-Elastic solid rubber ~ 1.5 N/mm²
• Elastic solid rubber ~ 1.8 N/mm²
• Solid rubber/Polyurethane ~ 3.5 N/mm²
• (ca. Shore 75A)
• Polyurethane ~ 8 N/mm²
• (ca. Shore 92A)
• Thermoplastics ~ 11 N/mm²
• Polyurethane
• Polypropylene/Polyamide ~ 40 N/mm²
• Cast polyamide ~ 60 N/mm²
• Cast iron ~ 350 N/mm²
• Steel ~ 500 N/mm²

Running noise

If resistances are kept as low as possible and low abrasion is combined with floor-friendly rolling behaviour, the resulting rolling noises are reduced. The larger the wheel and the softer and thicker the tread, the quieter the vehicle.

Use the correct wheel, castor or roller

We would be pleased to advise you on the selection of suitable wheels, rollers and castors for your application. Let us know your application specifications and your requirements. We will find the best solution for you.
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