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Indexing plungers from norelem
An indexing plunger is a standardised locking device that can be used to immobilise or index moving machine components in specific positions.


The construction of indexing plungers

Classic indexing plungers have a pull knob or pull ring. A mechanism retracts the indexing pin out of the corresponding mating part. This enables the locked connections to be quickly and easily fixated and released.

How an indexing plunger works

Indexing plungers consist of a housing with an internal pin. When the knob, grip or ring is pulled, the pin retracts into the housing and the movable parts can be re-positioned. When the desired position each reached, the grip is released and the pin extends into a hole, thus fixating the movable part. Indexing plungers can withstand the strongest lateral forces. Only by the manual intervention of the operator can the locked position be changed.
With the aid of indexing plungers it is possible to disconnect a positive connection between a fixed and movable component. This is done by manual operation of the pull knob or pull ring, by remote operation or by pneumatic control - a further development that sets new standards in automation. Indexing plungers are used where it is necessary to prevent changes in position due to lateral forces.

Application areas of indexing plungers

Indexing plungers from norelem are available in a variety of designs, enabling indexing plungers to be used in a wide range of applications:
  • Securing pivoting and rotating devices
  • Stop positioning
  • Hight positioning
  • Rapid separation of components
Indexing plungers from norelem are very robust and durable. During the quality inspection, special attention is paid to exact tracking and perfect engagement in the end position. This pin quality guarantees smooth functioning during use.

Different types of indexing plunger

Indexing plungers from norelem are available in many different versions and styles. In addition to the steel variants, particularly high-quality stainless steel indexing plungers are also available.

Different shape designations describe the small differences in the indexing plungers: There are models with thread lock, with longer indexing pins, short versions, indexing plungers for thin-walled parts, an ECO version, indexing plungers with locking mechanism, with rotation lock and lead-in bevel, with locked mark. with and without collar and with and without stop.

In addition, norelem offers high quality premium and precision indexing plungers with cylindrical or conical indexing pins, with pneumatic indexing and with lead-in bevels. The point angle enables the pin to retract automatically through a lateral force from one side.

The pneumatic indexing plunger from norelem sets new standards in automation. They are operated by applying compressed air. The pin is reset by interrupting the air supply. The pneumatic indexing plunger is used e.g. in synchronised production systems or assembly facilities as well as in safety-relevant applications that do not permit manual release.

For certain areas where the indexing pin should not impact, there are indexing plungers with thread lock. The thread lock enables the depth to be exactly matched to existing components, no locknut is required. The models with locking mechanism are suitable for applications where unwanted movement of the indexing plunger is to be avoided. They impress with their easy handling. By pressing a push-button a locking mechanism is activated; a red release button enables the practical release and change of indexed position. Another solution is the norelem indexing plunger with rotation lock that is available with standard or fine threads. The special lock ensures that the position of the pin to the sleeve does not change. An initial bevel enables an automatic disengagement of the pin by one-sided lateral forces. Loosening the screw up to the marking on the plunger permits the pin to be rotated through 60°.The indexing plungers with remote actuation are the optimal solution for inaccessible installation spaces where operation is difficult or where remote actuation is required for ergonomic and safety reasons. The indexing plunger is connected to the operator side by a Bowden cable. The combination of indexing plunger and actuating element forms a complete system which can be used for many types of application. As an alternative to the actuating element, the supplied screw nipple (Ø5 x 7 mm) can be used to integrate an individual actuating element into the system.

The precision indexing plungers with conical indexing pin form an optimal combination for quick positioning and fixation. The precise design of both the indexing plunger and the bush guarantees high repeat accuracy when joining two elements.

Customers also have various combination options available for the head type: Available are Mushroom grips, T-grips, L-grips, Mushroom grips with remote actuation, Rings, Spherical knobs and Five lobe grips.

Basically, all indexing plungers in the range are available with standard pin lengths of 24-134 mm and pin diameters of 3-25 mm.

In addition to indexing plungers, norelem also offers the following accessories:
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