Klüber “Quietsch-Ex”

Klüber “Quietsch-Ex”

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Klüber “Quietsch-Ex”
  • Klüber “Quietsch-Ex”

“Quietsch-Ex” (no squeak) the universal lubricant for industry, home, garden, automobile, motorbike, hobby and sport.

Approved for lubricating bearings, slides, chains, locks and hinges.
Cleaning and lubricating oil for the motorbike and to protect machines, equipment, tools and vehicles, etc., from corrosion, e.g. in winter.
It is particularly good for machines and equipment, which are often used outdoors in all weathers.
Rusty screws, hinges and bolts that are rusted solid can be loosened or moved again without destroying them.

Lubricates, repels moisture, counteracts corrosion, improves sliding, loosens rust, protects from freezing and is also good for sawing and drilling.
It penetrates into the smallest gap and reaches every accessible friction point.

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