LOCTITE liquid epoxy metals

LOCTITE liquid epoxy metals

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LOCTITE liquid epoxy metals
  • LOCTITE liquid epoxy metals
  • LOCTITE liquid epoxy metals
  • LOCTITE liquid epoxy metals

LOCTITE metal-set liquid metals are steel or aluminium-based epoxy resins. They set new standards in repairs: great strength, very good adhesion, no shrinkage, resistant to most solvents and lubricants. After hardening they can be worked by hand or machined from chipping to thread-cutting just like metal and can be painted.
Cracks, porous spots, faulty holes or damage to pipes, tanks, chassis and machine parts can be quickly and durably repaired using LOCTITE metal-set products. They adhere well to metals, glass, ceramics and other materials.

Twin sprays – Liquid Epoxy Metals 97990-3450025
Automatically guarantees the correct mixing ratio. High strength and excellent adhesion to other materials. Good for machining. Does not shrink.

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97990-345002525 ml3450Twin syringe1:11215-22-55 °C – +100 °C 17.70 €
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