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LOCTITE cleaner
  • LOCTITE cleaner
  • LOCTITE cleaner

Cleaning increases the quality of sealed and bonded joints.

LOCTITE super clean, 97990-7063…
Removes oil, grease and dirt from metal and the majority of plastic surfaces. Ideal for preparation of adhesive surfaces, rapid evaporation.

LOCTITE cleaner, 97990-7070400
Very good capacity for dissolving grease and oil residues because of the combination of unripe lemons and iso-paraffin. Evaporates leaving no residue and has a pleasant citrus perfume.

LOCTITE gasket remover, 97990-7080300
For gentle removal of adhesive and sealant residues. Replaces mechanical treatment, which often leads to damage to surfaces.

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97990-7063150150 ml aerosol7063 4.20 €
97990-7063400400 ml vaporizer7063 9.56 €
97990-7070400400 ml vaporizer7070 9.56 €
97990-7080300400 ml aerosol7200 13.92 €
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