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DescriptionNote:LOCTITE threadlocker mid-strength, 97990-243... has a PW recommendation from the German Federal Ministry of Health in the D2 sealant joints industry based on an inspection carried out by the DVGW Research Institute: suitable for use in the foodstuffs and potable water industries.

* Values break-away torque acc. to ISO 10964.

For use with all screw connections. Applied as a liquid, it hardens in the absence of air and on contact with metal after being screwed into the thread.

LOCTITE threadlocker low-strength, 97990-222....
To secure set and adjustment screws up to thread size M36. Even parts with a high length to diameter ratio can be loosened again. Prevents corrosion. Good vibration resistance. Easy to remove and adjust.
Temperature-resistant from -55 °C to +150 °C.

LOCTITE threadlocker mid-strength, 97990-243....
To lock and seal threaded connections up to M36. Also hardens on lightly oiled surfaces. Resists loosening by vibration. Can be loosened again with standard tools.
Temperature-resistant from -55 °C to +180 °C.
PW recommended.

LOCTITE threadlocker high-temperature, 97990-2720050
Provides high-strength locking of threaded connections for thread sizes up to M36. Temperature resistant up to 200 °C. Easily applied due to thixotropic components.
Temperature-resistant from -55 °C to +200 °C.

LOCTITE threadlocker capillary, 97990-290....
Locks and seals by capillary action when applied subsequently, e.g. by already tightened threads or in porosities and cracks. Secures pre-mounted bolts against vibration and loss of tension. For connections up to M8.
Temperature-resistant from -55 °C to +155 °C.

LOCTITE threadlocker high-strength, 97990-2701...
To secure and seal threaded connections up to M20, which no longer have to be loosened. Resists loosening by vibration under high dynamic load. The product is also suitable for high-strength fastening connections. Can only be removed after heating to 300 °C.
Temperature resistant from -55 °C to +150 °C

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97990-222001010 ml bottle222anaerobic900-150015126≤M36 14.52 €
97990-222005050 ml bottle222anaerobic900-150015126≤M36 54.99 €
97990-243001010 ml bottle243anaerobic1300-3000101226≤M36 17.02 €
97990-243005050 ml bottle243anaerobic1300-3000101226≤M36 64.26 €
97990-272005050 ml bottle272anaerobic4000-15000401223≤M36 62.93 €
97990-290001010 ml bottle290anaerobic20-55201210M6 17.02 €
97990-290005050 ml bottle290anaerobic20-55201210M6 64.26 €
97990-270101010 ml bottle2701anaerobic500-900101238≤M20 17.02 €
97990-270105050 ml bottle2701anaerobic500-900101238≤M20 64.26 €
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