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Tube clamps from norelem

Round and square tubes can be linked or joined together using tube clamps from norelem. A wide range of structures can be easily realised using norelem tube clamps.

Tube connection system

For most tube connections, a push-fit element is used as the tube connecting element. There are also friction-locking tube clamps.

In most cases, the tubes are clamped into the connector using a screw (clamp connection). When converting an existing tube connection to other diameters or cross-sections, only the replacement of a

Application fields for tube clamps

  • For supporting structures such as scaffolding and frames
  • For safety elements such as handrails, balustrades, barriers for machines and guardrails
  • General fixtures and auxiliary constructions
  • Event technology (trade fair and exhibition constructions, stage technology)
  • In industry for equipping workplaces and production facilities
  • In trade for workshop equipment and shop fittings

How tube clamps work

With the tube clamps from norelem, an almost 360° compression of the tubes is facilitated. The housing completely encloses the tube and a screw compresses the complete housing. This creates surface friction within the tube clamp.

Advantages of norelem tube clamps

The norelem tube clamps provide an ideal solution for every application. As standard parts, norelem tube clamps can be used with conventional tube diameters, they can also be used with larger or smaller tube sizes by using the reducing bushes. This gives norelem tube clamps a high degree of flexibility when designing tube constructions.

Plastic, aluminium, steel or cast iron tube clamps?

The material of the tube clamps should be selected to suit the function of the tube construction. The norelem online shop offers a selection of different materials for the tube clamps such as plastic, cast iron, aluminium or steel, to produce the ideal tube connection.
The aluminium or stainless steel tube clamps are more suitable for larger structures that have to bear a greater load. Stainless steel tube clamps are suitable for higher-quality structures that may be exposed to varying weather conditions.

Plastic tube clamps

Plastic is often used for tube fittings when the application for the tube construction is indoors.

The appropriate tube clamp size for your application

The norelem online shop and "THE BIG GREEN BOOK" include various types of tube clamp. The type of connection always depends on the respective application of the tube structure. In the norelem product range there are tube clamps for round and square tubes, so that the correct tube clamp type can be selected for the different tube forms.

Some examples of plastic tube clamps: Tube construction with base tube clamp, cross tube clamp, T-angle tube clamp and flange tube clamp.

Tube clamps cross

The norelem cross tube clamps are used when two tubes have to be connected crosswise to each other. The nut and screw crimp the tube clamp and thus forms a secure connection.

Tube clamps T-angle

The norelem T-angle tube clamps are used to connecting two tubes in a T form, i.e. tubes arranged in a vertical and horizontal plane. The cap screws and electro zinc-plated hex nuts ensure a secure connection.

Tube clamps right-angle

The norelem right-angled tube clamps give a secure 90° angular connection. The clamping screw ensures a secure connection.

Tube clamps base

The tube clamp bases are always used when a tube is to be positioned vertically with a stable footing.

Application example of tube clamps used as a monitor bracket at the work station.

Tube clamps flange

The linear actuator tube system (flange) is efficient, economical and universally applicable. The tube clamping system has good rigidity, low deflection and a high load capacity. Four sizes (tube Ø from 18 mm to 50 mm) are available for varying applications and loads.

– Standard travel up to 2000 mm possible
– Position accuracyup to ±0.2 mm over 300 mm achievable
– Traversing speeds up to 1.5 m/min
– Drive by trapezoidal thread spindle
– Mounting position arbitrary

Technical description:

A threaded spindle mounted in a guide tube with an associated guide nut transmits the rotational movement to the guide carriage. This is secured against rotation by the carrier wedge.

Fastening the linear actuator:

Depending on the mounting position and application, linear actuators can be mounted using our tube clamping elements.

Application example showing a conveyor belt for transporting packages:

Straight tube clamp

The straight tube clamp is always used when an in-line joining of two tubes is to be achieved. The cap screw with electro zinc-plated hex nut ensures a secure joint between the tubes in the tube connection system.

Swivel tube clamp, swivel half and swivel foot

Swivel half clamps with sunken teeth can be combined with swivel half clamps with raised teeth (29026) to make a complete swivel clamp. The swivel tube clamps are infinitely adjustable through 180° and can therefore be individually set and used at the angle required for the respective application. The cap screw with electro zinc-plated hex nut ensures a secure joining of the tubes in the tube connection system.


Tube clamp accessories

In addition to the tube clamps, the norelem online shop includes an extensive range of accessories for the tube connection systems such as:


Reducer sleeves

By using reducer sleeves, smaller tubes can be clamped or a conversion of square to round tubes can be carried out.


Tube end plugs

Tube end plugs are used as edge protectors or to close off the tube ends. Assembly can be done by pushing in by hand or by driving in with a soft-face hammer.

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