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  • Gas springs and buffer elements
When a body has to be controlled, braked or moved without too much effort, that's often when gas springs are used in construction technology.

Gas springs from norelem

norelem gas springs are usually used for damping the movements (opening, closing, adjustment) of hatches, covers or bonnets. Because of their high corrosion resistance and low maintenance requirement, gas springs are a very convenient solution for design engineers working in machine construction. Gas springs are frequently used in the following areas:

• Machine construction

• Fixture fabrication

• Plant engineering

• Furniture industry

• Sport and leisure equipment

• Household appliances

• Automotive industry

• Foodstuffs industry (stainless steel versions)

norelem gas springs are filled with nitrogen and oil. In the stainless steel version, the oil complies with FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 on "Lubricants with incidental food contact". These stainless steel gas springs can therefore be used in industries that process food. Gas springs can withstand working temperatures from -20° to +80° Celsius. At customer request, norelem can adjust the gas pressure in the gas springs to the individual requirement. So customers can order end products which are ready to install immediately, either through the catalogue or the webshop. The gas spring extension forces can also be reduced afterwards using the integrated filling valve. Depending on the version, the piston rod in the gas springs can be made either of steel or stainless steel (1.4305). Piston rod diameter varies between 6 and 14mm. Piston stroke is between 40 and 400mm. norelem gas springs have a connecting thread on both sides. So they can be easily joined to connected parts on either side. Since June 2018, norelem has also been offering a comprehensive range of gas springs in stainless steel. Stainless steel springs have universal application.

norelem adjustable shock absorbers

norelem industrial shock absorbers absorb the energy from moving (accelerating) bodies and convert kinetic energy into heat through friction with the internal oil flow. Shock absorbers therefore work according to the principle of physics that relate to the conservation of energy. The heat energy generated in this way is transferred to the cylinder body of the shock absorber, from where it passes out into the environment. Industrial shock absorbers brake moving bodies quickly and gently. So they are suitable for use in handling devices, turn & swivel units, linear cylinders, and many other industrial applications, especially automation.

norelem shock absorbers are available in steel or stainless steel. They are ready to install and maintenance-free. All types have an integrated end stop. Shock absorbers are generally always available as configurable variants through the webshop or the catalogue. Their special feature is their flexibility, with an adjusting screw on the base which allows the shock absorber to be adapted perfectly, for example if there are changes in the operating conditions. The stainless steel range of shock absorbers are filled with an edible oil which meets the approval requirements (USDA-H1) of the food industry. This series is made from 1.4404 steel (casing) or 1.4125 steel (piston rod). They are suitable for a temperature range from -50°C to +120°C. All shock absorbers have an integrated end stop. The stop nut can be used to adjust the end stop to individual conditions, and also allows fine adjustment.


norelem rubber buffers

Rubber buffers (also called rubber-metal buffers or silent blocks) are made of a combination of natural rubber (elastomer) and a metal component such as steel or stainless steel. Rubber buffers are mostly used as vibration dampers or as stop buffers, since they represent a standard product which is cheap and easy to install. Rubber buffers absorb kinetic energy and so reduce (dampen) the pressure, thrust and vibration in the whole system. Rubber buffers are therefore frequently used when shocks or recurring movements have to be dampened with an end stop. A rubber buffer significantly reduces the vibration amplitude. Classic examples of practical applications of rubber buffers are as a door stop, door buffer or machine foot. In addition to the various thread lengths, the norelem range of buffers offers a great variety of types and versions.

Note: rubber hardening: hard = 70° Shore medium = 55° Shore soft = 45° Shore temperature range:-30 °C to +80 °C. norelem rubber buffers comply with the RoHS directive

norelem compression springs

ISO 10243 compression springs are heat-treated in order to ensure the longest possible service life. These compression springs support a large range of changing and constant loads. They can be used in operating temperatures up to 230°. Classic areas of application are in the automotive industry or process engineering. The norelem portfolio has four different basic versions of the chrome-silicon-steel compression spring:

• The green version, for light loads
• The blue version, for medium loads
• The red version, for heavy loads
• The yellow version, for very heavy loads

The exact specifications can be found in the data sheet on the product details page

norelem elastomer buffers

Elastomer buffers are often used in practice to attenuate air or structure borne noise. These buffers are very hard-wearing and resistant to oils and grease. In general, norelem elastomer buffers are available in three different Shore hardnesses: 70 Shore A (black) / 80 Shore A (yellow) / 90 Shore A (red)

Elastomer buffers are cheap, maintenance free, and have a long service life.

They all comply with the RoHs directive.

norelem profile dampers

Profile dampers are cheap and maintenance-free buffer elements, which find applications as end position dampers or end stops in machine tools, linear axes, pneumatic systems and handling devices. norelem profile dampers are suitable either for continuous use or as emergency stops.
In general, these dampers are available in two different versions: radial (soft and hard) and axial (soft and hard). norelem sells profile dampers which are ready to install with a special fastening screw. Energy absorption is between 58% and 73%. With a maximum impact speed of 5 m/s, the dynamic force absorbed is from 870 to 35190 Newton. These profile dampers are resistant to seawater, chemicals, and microbes. Their material does not absorb water. So there can be no swelling of the co-polyester elastomer. The material hardness is Shore 55D.
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