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Shaft-hub clamping sets stainless steel
  • Shaft-hub clamping sets stainless steel
  • Shaft-hub clamping sets stainless steel
  • Shaft-hub clamping sets stainless steel
  • Shaft-hub clamping sets stainless steel
DescriptionMaterial:Stainless steel 1.4301.Version:Bright.Note:Self-centring and play-free shaft-hub clamping sets with a very low moment of inertia and minimal space required. The clamping sets produce a connection between shaft and hub actuated by spring. Quick assembly and disassembly with a central nut. The connection can be disassembled by means of an extractor.
Run-out accuracy of the clamping sets ±0.01 mm.
Assembly:In order to reach the specified torque, the clamping set must be installed free of grease. The clamping set must seat solidly with the entire length upon the shaft. For maximal torque, shaft and hub must be sufficiently firm (lowest elastic limit 350 N/mm²).

Required tolerances:
Shaft: h7
Hub: H7
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:
 Datasheet 23370 Shaft-hub clamping sets stainless steel 261 kB


Shaft-hub clamping sets stainless steel

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23370-0600106101512,5M8x0,51087 15.79 €
23370-0635106,35101512,5M8x0,51087 15.79 €
23370-0800148142219M12x1171514 17.05 €
23370-0900149142219M12x1171514 17.05 €
23370-10001710172218,5M15x1191918 19.10 €
23370-12001712172218,5M15x1191918 20.88 €
23370-14002014202823M17x1222524 20.88 €
23370-15002015202823M17x1222524 20.88 €
23370-16002316232823M20x1272726 25.20 €
23370-19002519252823M22x1273029 27.86 €
23370-20002820282823M25x1303231 33.71 €
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