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norelem ball transfer units

With norelem ball transfer units, goods can be easily moved, rotated and directed. The ball transfer units have proven themselves as components in conveyor systems, feeders, on manufacturing machines and packaging equipment - Where heavy or sensitive goods are conveyed: transport is easy to handle with norelem ball transfer units.

Application sectors for ball transfer units

norelem ball transfer units are used on with guillotines, press brakes, metrology instruments, to transport material in clean rooms and miniature instruments, as well as in cargo handling and conveyor systems. The norelem ball transfer units can offer a solution for every transport requirement.

Material handling

- Ball transfer tables, turntables and diverters for sorting and distribution systems

- Cross points for constant conveyors

- Airport baggage sorting systems

- Steel pipe transportation

- Lifting platforms

General machine construction

- ‑Feed tables for sheet metal processing machinery

- Fixtures for bending machines

- ‑Feed mechanisms for machining centres

- Borers and motor-powered assembly aids for large motor construction

Other application sectors

- Special machine construction

- Aerospace industry

- Beverage and masonry industries

norelem ball transfer unit structure

Ball transfer units have a steel housing with integrated, hardened ball seat. This serves as a raceway for a large number of small bearing balls. The bearing balls roll on the ball seat when the load ball rotates.

Advantages of norelem ball transfer units

- The ball transfer units are designed to ensure precise rolling in all installation positions

- The ball transfer units ensure full load/bearing capacity

- The ball transfer units are low maintenance

- DieAlmost all ball transfer units are protected against dirt by an oil-impregnated felt seal

- The ball transfer units can be installed quickly and cost-effectively

The range is subdivided into 42 different norelem ball transfer unit variations / ball transfer unit types with a wide range of load ratings from 50 N - 15000 N and different diameters.

Ball transfer unit types

Ball transfer units with solid steel housings

Ball transfer units with solid steel electro zinc-plated housings are specially designed for heavy-duty tasks and remain functional even under heavy impact loads and extreme conditions. The norelem ball transfer units with solid steel housing can be used for heavy loads of up to 15,000 N.

Mini ball transfer units mini

norelem offers a further variant in the form of mini ball transfer units. This special design is mainly used in measuring instruments, for conveying materials in clean room areas and in miniature mechanisms. The ball transfer units consist of a housing with integrated bearing shell, a cover, a load ball and several bearing balls. The mini ball transfer units are available in the norelem online shop in a steel and stainless steel version.

Ball transfer units with sheet steel housing

norelem ball transfer units with sheet steel housings are equipped with felt seals. These felt seals ensure that the penetration of dirt is reduced. Depending on the requirements, you can choose between electro zinc-plated steel and stainless steel.

Load ball

Customers have additional options when choosing the load ball type. In addition to steel and stainless steel, they can also opt for a polyamide load ball. Ball transfer units with polyamide load balls (plastic balls) are particularly suitable for the transport of sensitive goods such as glass or polished aluminium and sheet steel.

Heavy duty ball transfer units for outdoor use

All steel ball transfer units are designed for a long service life under shock loads. All units are supplied with solid steel housings and hardened surfaces. Due to the numerous drain openings, the ball transfer units have a very high degree of self-cleaning. They are therefore particularly suitable for use in outdoor installations.

Ball transfer units with threaded pin

These ball transfer units have a large support area. Due to the screw fastening they have a high stability and a high load capacity. The moulded wiper seal for the load ball is external.

Ball transfer units with fastening element / fastening hole

Ball transfer units with fastening elements or fastening holes (without housing) can be easily mounted and dismounted from the functional side. The ball transfer units with fastening element are fixed with spring-loaded claws. These permit large tolerances in the mounting hole.

Ball transfer units with spring element

Ball transfer units with spring elements enable an even load distribution when transporting goods with an uneven surface. When used in machines such as guillotines, press brakes, etc., the element springs out again at the end of the machining process and the workpiece can rolled off.

Tolerance rings

By using a tolerance ring a larger tolerance range between the parts to be joined is possible. The ball transfer units can be installed quickly and cost-effectively.

Installation instructions and technical data

The installation instructions and technical data can also be found in the data sheet for our standard ball transfer units (95000).

Determining the ball transfer unit loading

To determine the load for a ball transfer unit, the weight of the transported goods is divided by 3. If the load ball level is well coordinated, the number of load-bearing ball transfer units can also be calculated, depending on the nature of the transported goods.

Arrangement of the ball transfer units

The arrangement of the ball transfer units depends on the surface area of the goods to be transported. By goods with a uniform, level surface area, such as the base of boxes, the distance between the ball transfer units is simply calculated from the length of the shortest edge divided by 2.5.

Transport speed and load rating

The recommended conveyance speed is
1 m/sec. With polyamid load balls
0.25 m/sec. The specified load rating applies to all mounting positions and relates to 106 revolutions of the load ball. By extended use in excess of 1 m/sec and depending on the loading, the temperature can be expected to rise and the useful life reduced, particularly with balls Ø60 to Ø90.

Calculating the service life:

L =(C/F)³ x 10⁶ rotations


L = service life

C = load rating (N)

F = load (N)

Attention: Use a high-temperature lubricant!(see Ball transfer unit data sheet )(95000).

Temperature resistance

The temperature resistance of ball transfer units with felt seal is 100 °C permanent temperature. At temperatures above 100 °C only non electro zinc-plated ball transfer units with steel load ball without felt seal can be used. Note reduction in load capacity! Multiply the load rating by the temperature factor (table).

Determining the loading for ball transfer units with spring element

For these types the determining factor is the value given in the “Pre-tension” column of the table. The weight of the transported goods is divided by the number of supporting ball transfer units.
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