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Industrial magnets from norelem

norelem magnets are available with various magnetic cores and housings. The magnetic cores consist of the permanent magnet materials AlNiCo (aluminium, nickel and cobalt), NdFeB N35 (neodymium), hard ferrite or SmCo (samarium-cobalt).

Because of their technical structure, norelem magnets vary in holding surface, magnetic force/strength (holding force) and therefore also in their industrial applications.

Structure of a norelem industrial magnet, for example a holding magnet

<p><span style="color: #000000;">Construction of a norelem industrial magnet using a holding magnet as an example</span></p>
The magnetic cores differ for example in heat resistance, demagnetisation and holding force/strength. Sheaths of steel, stainless steel, aluminium or rubber protect the magnetic core and additionally enhance the function of the magnet.
The shape of the magnets plays a further important role here. Depending on the application and field of use in industry, different shapes such as flat, round, angular, with or without hole, U-form or a rod are required.
In addition, magnets differ in their system. norelem magnets are available with a shielded system where only certain faces are magnetic and, with an unshielded system where the complete surface area is magnetic.

Properties of norelem industrial magnets

The nature of the magnetic core is directly related to its magnetic strength (holding force). For example, norelem magnets with a neodymium magnetic core are very strong magnets used in industry, unlike norelem magnets with a hard ferrite magnetic core. However, these norelem magnets have lower heat resistance compared to norelem magnets made with hard ferrite, aluminium, nickel or cobalt.</span></p>
Properties of norelem industrial magnets

Magnets: Types and shapes

Magnets raw

The raw magnets are universally applicable and can be mounted by pressing in, screwing in or gluing in. Raw magnets are always unshielded, they are therefore not magnetic systems. Accordingly, all surfaces of the raw magnets have a magnetic force effect. Raw magnets are subdivided into disc magnets, disc magnets with hole, block magnets and bar magnets.

The disc magnets in the raw magnet class are available in the norelem online shop with hole (disc magnets which be be screwed down and so fixated) or without hole. The disc magnets are made of NdFeB N35 (neodymium) and have an electro zinc-plated surface.

norelem bar magnets are made from AlNiCo (aluminium, nickel and cobalt) and have the advantage of high heat resistance (temperature range up to 450 °C). The bar magnets can be ordered in different lengths and diameters depending on the requirements.

Block magnets are distinguished from disc form magnets simply by their shape. Their flat shape makes them optimal for simple and easy handling in industry.

Round magnets made of aluminium, nickel and cobalt

The magnets have a core of permanent magnet material (AlNiCo) and a steel housing. The magnetic core is separated from the housing by a non-magnetic material, creating a shielded system. Fastening options are press-fit, shrink fitting or gluing.

The round magnets are available as deep pot magnets with pin, with and without fitting tolerance. All round magnets are heat resistant (max. 450 °C), have a high magnetic force and are available in varous versions.

Round magnets made with neodymium and samarium cobalt (SmCo)

Here we distinguish between deep pot magnets with a magnetic core made of NdFeB (neodymium) or SmCo (samarium cobalt). The magnetic core is protected by a brass housing with a smooth surface, which creates a shielded system.

SmCo magnets are especially suitable for direct use in spot-welding machines, since no demagnetisation occurs.

Permanent magnet workholding blocks with fine/extra-fine padding

norelem workholding blocks consist of a permanent magnet system with a narrow pole pitch, which acts on two or three surfaces. The finer the pole pitch, the thinner the steel in the clamped workpiece can be. In the prevailing conditions in industrial production, the magnetic life time of these workholding blocks is unlimited.

Shallow pot magnets

The magnetic core of the shallow pot magnet is cast or pressed into a housing. Between the magnet and the housing is a non-magnetic separating layer. This creates a shielded system for the magnet.
These shallow pot magnets are available with magnetic core made of hard ferrite, samarium cobalt (SmCo), or neodymium (NdFeB). The difference between these is in their holding force. Shallow pot magnets with a SmCo core have three to five times higher holding force compared to AlNiCo or hard ferrite magnets. These shallow pot magnets are contained in a steel or stainless steel housing.
Shallow pot magnets are available from the norelem online shop in various versions, with or without thread, with internal thread, hook, cylinder bore and counterbore.

Magnets (shallow pot magnets) with rubber protective jacket

A great advantage of shallow pot magnets with rubber protective jacket (TPE or synthetic rubber) is that they provide protection for the magnetic core and/or sensitive magnet surfaces. The rubber protective jacket raises the coefficient of friction, thus creating high lateral static friction force.

The shallow pot magnets with rubber protective jacket are available with internal thread, in rectangular form (optimal holding of thin metal sheets with sensitive surfaces), withthreaded bushes, threaded pins or bore.

For its shallow pot magnet range, norelem offers protective rubber caps. These protective rubber caps are placed over the holding surfaces. The shear force with which the magnet can be moved is doubled and almost reaches the original holding force of the magnet. These protective rubber caps fit all shallow pot magnets with diameter 50 mm, 63 mm and 80 mm.

Pot magnets & button magnets

Pot magnets are hard magnets with an aluminium housing and steel casing. They have high heat resistance. The housing is painted red. These pot magnets have a shielded system and can be used for holding, lifting, or installing in fixtures. If space is limited in these fixtures, shallow pot magnets can be used.

Button magnets, on the other hand, have a divided holding surface with a through-hole for mounting. Button magnets are used mainly for laboratory applications, measurements, and holding metal objects.


The U-magnets are painted red; they are made of the permanent magnet material AlNiCo, have high holding force, an unshielded system, and come with a galvanised protective plate. U-magnets are used for holding, sorting and lifting.

Holding magnets

These holding magnets, which have a magnetic core made of hard ferrite, are often used on notice boards, whiteboards and magnet boards. The housing is made of plastic.


The norelem product range also offers matching accessories for its full range of magnets.

The chrome-plated magnetic pickup with flexible brass hose and black plastic handle is used mainly for finding and/or removing steel parts in inaccessible places.

The permanent magnetic bases can be coupled/uncoupled; they have a black surface, high holding force, and are used as holding magnets in fixtures, stands, diamond dressing tools etc.

The aluminium magnetic clamping balls are used to hold workpieces in the optimal working position for polishing, mounting, and laser welding. Swivel angles of up to 90° can be set, depending on the workpiece geometry and weight. The magnetic clamping chuck can be coupled/uncoupled using the supplied hexagon T-handle key.

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