Push-in drill bushes, DIN 173, part 1, Form K

Push-in drill bushes, DIN 173, part 1, Form K

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DescriptionMaterial:Special steelVersion:Hardened to 780 ±40 HV 10 and ground.Note:All bushes have the bore size marked on the upper face, e.g. 15 F7.
Form K are quick-change bushes. Dowels or coiled spring pins together with DIN 173-1 flathead screws can be used in place of the stop pin.

The bayonet mount is secured with DIN 173-1 clamping bushes together with DIN 912 socket head screws.

E2 = Hole spacing when using dowels or coiled spring pins.

Diameter D1 over 15 mm increase in size by 0.5 mm.
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet 08920_K Push-in drill bushes, DIN 173, part 1, Form K 191 kB


Push-in drill bushes, DIN 173, part 1, Form K

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from 2,3 to 4,0short815-2,51083-4,250,020,0051,5711,51565°
from 2,3 to 4,0medium8154,52,5168364,250,020,0051,5711,51565°
from 4,1 to 6,0short1018-2,51283-4,250,020,00527131765°
from 4,1 to 6,0medium10186,52,5208384,250,020,00527131765°
from 4,1 to 6,0long10186,52,52583134,250,020,00527131765°
from 6,1 to 8,0short1222-312104-60,020,00528,516,52060°
from 6,1 to 8,0medium12228,5320104860,020,00528,516,52060°
from 6,1 to 8,0long12228,53251041360,020,00528,516,52060°
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from 8,1 to 10,0medium152610,53281041260,020,00528,5182250°
from 8,1 to 10,0long152610,53361042060,020,00528,5182250°
from 10,1 to 12,0short1830-316104-60,020,00528,5202450°
from 10,1 to 12,0medium183012,53281041260,020,00528,5202450°
from 10,1 to 12,0long183012,53361042060,020,00528,5202450°
from 12,1 to 15,0short2234-520125,5-70,020,005310,523,52835°
from 12,1 to 15,0medium223415,5536125,51670,020,005310,523,52835°
from 12,1 to 15,0long223415,5545125,52570,020,005310,523,52835°
from 15,5 to 18,0short2639-520125,5-70,020,005310,5263135°
from 15,5 to 18,0medium263919536125,51670,020,005310,5263135°
from 15,5 to 18,0long263919545125,52570,020,005310,5263135°
from 18,5 to 22,0short3046-525125,5-70,020,005310,529,53530°
from 18,5 to 22,0medium304623545125,52070,020,005310,529,53530°
from 18,5 to 22,0long304623556125,53170,020,005310,529,53530°
from 22,5 to 26,0short3552-625125,5-70,040,008310,532,53730°
from 22,5 to 26,0medium355227645125,52070,040,008310,532,53730°
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from 26,5 to 30,0medium425931656125,52670,040,008310,5364130°
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