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Hoist ring
  • Hoist ring
  • Hoist ring
DescriptionMaterial:Carbon steel or stainless steel.Version:Steel black oxidised.
Stainless steel bright.
Note on swivel eye bolt:Do not use spacer washers between the bush flange and support surface.
The permissible countersink diameter (D2) for the thread should be retained.
Tighten the screws to the stated torque and check and re-tighten regularly. After installation check if the ring turns and swivels freely in all directions.
Lift with care! Avoid impacts!
In no event must the permissible load stamped on the hoist ring be exceeded.
Note on assembly key:- Insert the assembly key in the holes in the hoist ring.
- Tighten the hoist ring to the recommended torque using a torque wrench.
- The permissible diameter of the countersink must be adhered to.
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:
 Datasheet 07770 Hoist ring 290 kB


Hoist ring

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07770-10Steel66,7-M1019,11344,527,81,217,914,650,816,312,77,95001007770-101  51.55 €
07770-12Steel66,7-M1219,11644,527,81,217,919,150,816,312,77,97002507770-101  51.55 €
07770-16Steel96,870M1622,21963,538,50,822,623,888,923,1-12,715005007770-201  62.97 €
07770-20Steel96,870M2025,42263,538,50,822,630,288,923,1-12,720008007770-201  76.22 €
07770-110Stainless steel66,7-M1019,11344,527,81,217,914,650,816,312,77,92501007770-101  181.93 €
07770-112Stainless steel66,7-M1219,11644,527,81,217,919,150,816,312,77,93502507770-101  181.93 €
07770-116Stainless steel96,870M1622,21963,538,50,822,623,888,923,1-12,77505007770-201  219.14 €
07770-120Stainless steel96,870M2025,42263,538,50,822,630,288,923,1-12,710008007770-201  271.53 €
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07770-1011416,317,5241/4´´ 14.19 €
07770-20116,523,128,6323/8´´ 19.57 €
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