Handwheels DIN 950, grey cast iron, with revolving grip

Handwheels DIN 950, grey cast iron, with revolving grip

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DescriptionMaterial:Handwheel grey cast iron.
Grip steel.
Version:Wheel rim turned and polished.
Radial and axial run-out of rim < IT 12.
On request:Hubs with square socket or plastic-coated handwheels.
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Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet 06271_MDG Handwheels DIN 950, grey cast iron, with revolving grip 276 kB


Handwheels DIN 950, grey cast iron, with revolving grip
Handwheels DIN 950, grey cast iron, with revolving grip

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grip DIN 98
Form E
06271-4080X1006271-5080X108010-2516293-11,4-3ø16 x M6 x 54.5
06271-4080X1206271-5080X1280-12251629-4-13,83ø16 x M6 x 54.5
06271-4100X1006271-5100X1010010-2617333-11,4-3ø16 x M6 x 54.5
06271-4100X1206271-5100X12100-12261733-4-13,83ø16 x M6 x 54.5
06271-4125X1206271-5125X1212512-3318364-13,8-3ø20 x M8 x 67
06271-4125X1406271-5125X14125-14331836-5-16,33ø20 x M8 x 67
06271-4140X1406271-5140X1414014-3319395-16,3-3ø20 x M8 x 67
06271-4140X1606271-5140X16140-16331939-5-18,33ø20 x M8 x 67
06271-4160X1406271-5160X1416014-3720405-16,3-3ø25 x M10 x 83
06271-4160X1606271-5160X16160-16372040-5-18,33ø25 x M10 x 83
06271-4180X1606271-5180X1618016-3622435-18,3-3ø25 x M10 x 83
06271-4180X1806271-5180X18180-18362243-6-20,83ø25 x M10 x 83
06271-4200X1806271-5200X1820018-3824456-20,8-3ø25 x M10 x 83
06271-4200X2206271-5200X22200-22382445-6-24,83ø25 x M10 x 83
06271-4250X2206271-5250X2225022-4628506-24,8-5ø32 x M12 x 105,5
06271-4250X2606271-5250X26250-26462850-8-29,35ø32 x M12 x 105,5
06271-4315X2606271-5315X2631526-5433568-29,3-5ø32 x M12 x 105,5
06271-4315X3006271-5315X30315-30543356-8-33,35ø32 x M12 x 105,5
06271-4400X3006271-5400X3040030-6838638-33,3-5ø36 x M16 x 117
06271-4400X3406271-5400X34400-34683863-10-37,35ø36 x M16 x 117
06271-4500X3406271-5500X3450034-79457210-37,3-5ø36 x M16 x 117
06271-4500X4006271-5500X40500-40794572-12-43,35ø36 x M16 x 117
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