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DescriptionMaterial:Body aluminium.
Double-acting piston rod stainless steel.
Version:Body, red anodised.
Double acting piston rod, polished.
Note:Swing clamps are used where low clamping forces suffice or where the clamping point must be free when mounting and removing the workpiece. The block form of the housing offers universal fastening possibilities. The magnetic piston is primed for electrical end position feedback.
Including screw and lock washer for fastening the clamping arms (accessories).
The swing action of the clamp should not be blocked.
F1 = at 6 bar (max. operating pressure).
On request:Proximitiy switch.Accessory:- Clamping arm 05620
- Adapter 05625
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet 05610 Swing clamps pneumatic 285 kB


Swing clamps pneumatic

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Order No.Version 2SizeAA1A2A3A4A5BDD1D2D3D4D5StatusCADAcc.PriceOrder
05610-112swivel to the right123501031-20248M54,3M5M54,3expiring 384.20 €
05610-116swivel to the right1641-21131-21288M54,3M5M54,3expiring 396.21 €
05610-120swivel to the right2048813362011,53012M85,5M6M55,5expiring 417.22 €
05610-125swivel to the right25507,5154020173514M86,5M8M58,5expiring 516.27 €
05610-132swivel to the right326012,5204530184516M86,5M8G1/88,5expiring 570.27 €
05610-140swivel to the right407015,524,55237225516M88,5M10G1/88,5expiring 630.32 €
05610-163swivel to the right639027,537,58060308020M1010,5M12G1/810,5expiring 700.84 €
05610-212swivel to the left123501031-20248M54,3M5M54,3expiring 384.20 €
05610-216swivel to the left1641-21131-21288M54,3M5M54,3expiring 396.21 €
05610-220swivel to the left2048813362011,53012M85,5M6M55,5expiring 417.22 €
05610-232swivel to the left326012,5204530184516M86,5M8G1/88,5expiring 570.27 €
05610-240swivel to the left407015,524,55237225516M88,5M10G1/88,5expiring 630.32 €
05610-250swivel to the left508021,5316646256520M108,5M10G1/810,5expiring 667.84 €
05610-263swivel to the left639027,537,58060308020M1010,5M12G1/810,5expiring 700.84 €
Order No.Version 2SizeHH1H2H3H4H5H6LTT1Travel
05610-112swivel to the right127510470115126214051516790,03expiring 384.20 €
05610-116swivel to the right16751047011512621424,51516790,06expiring 396.21 €
05610-120swivel to the right2079124741744,52422464,5202712150,08expiring 417.22 €
05610-125swivel to the right2582125781744,532-555202715120,17expiring 516.27 €
05610-132swivel to the right329614590225043-606,5203016140,27expiring 570.27 €
05610-140swivel to the right409514590205240-708253116150,45expiring 630.32 €
05610-163swivel to the right631061621002853,536-1008,5303015151,1expiring 700.84 €
05610-212swivel to the left127510470115126214051516790,03expiring 384.20 €
05610-216swivel to the left16751047011512621424,51516790,06expiring 396.21 €
05610-220swivel to the left2079124741744,52422464,5202712150,08expiring 417.22 €
05610-232swivel to the left329614590225043-606,5203016140,27expiring 570.27 €
05610-240swivel to the left409514590205240-708253116150,45expiring 630.32 €
05610-250swivel to the left501061621002553,545-856,5303015150,7expiring 667.84 €
05610-263swivel to the left631061621002853,536-1008,5303015151,1expiring 700.84 €
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