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Block cylinder, hydraulic with metal wiper, double / single acting with spring return, Form B

Block cylinder, hydraulic with metal wiper, double / single...

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DescriptionProduct description:Block cylinders with female piston rod thread are ideally suited for clamping situations where short travel with high forces is required. Block cylinders can be used as thrust or traction cylinders. Various thrust pieces can be screwed into the female threads of the piston rods The block cylinders ensure a high operating pressure and are easy to fasten using cap screws due to their compact, cubic housing design. A double hydraulic seal is installed in the block cylinders as standard. This creates technical advantages for the rod-side seal for low-leakage continuous operation. Metal wipers are also installed in the block cylinders as standard to prevent the ingress of swarf.Material:Housing and piston steel.
Seal NBR
Version:Housing black oxidised.
Piston hardened.
Note:Transverse forces on the block cylinders should be avoided.

If the block cylinder is mounted transversely to the cylinder axis, additional support for the block cylinder is recommended. If the block cylinder is used as a thrust cylinder, the support should be on the underside; if it is used as a traction cylinder, it should be on the rod side.
Permissible dynamic loads during the piston advance stroke must be observed.
A vent port is required for the single-acting block cylinders.

Penetration of cutting and cooling fluids into the cylinder must be prevented.

Thrust pieces are not supplied.

Follow safety instructions.
Type of operation:- Thread connection.
- O-ring flange connection.
Technical data:Max. operating pressure: 500 bar.Assembly:See mounting contour.Advantages:- Integrated metal wiper.
- Versatile mounting possibilities.
- Wide travel range of 8 mm to 200 mm.
- Large force range of 2 kN to 392 kN.
- Low mounting dimensions.
- Double hydraulic seals installed.
Accessory:- Rest pads 02153.
- Self-aligning pads 02000, 02080, 02081, 02005, 02006.
- Gripper screws, hexagonal 07114.
Supplied with2x O-rings (for flange connection operating mode) supplied.Drawing reference:
Form A: Longitudinal and transverse holes, screwed connection
Form B: Underside, centre hole, O-ring flange connection
Form C: Wide side, O-ring- flange connection

1) Mounting contour
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet 04624-50_B Block cylinder, hydraulic with metal wiper, double / single acting with spring return, Form B 334 kB
 Technical data 287 kB
 Technical information for hydraulic clamping elements 150 kB


Block cylinder, hydraulic with metal wiper, double / single acting with spring return, Form B

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Order No.FormForm-TypePiston ØtravelConnection

04624-50-160822021Bsingle-acting168o-ring flange connection60402010116,56,3x348,8M6x15 164.45 €
04624-50-162022021Bsingle-acting1620o-ring flange connection60402010116,56,3x348,8M6x15 182.85 €
04624-50-200822021Bsingle-acting208o-ring flange connection60402212116,58,5x348,8M8x16 167.90 €
04624-50-202022021Bsingle-acting2020o-ring flange connection60402212116,58,5x348,8M8x16 184.00 €
04624-50-250822021Bsingle-acting258o-ring flange connection65502516148,510,5x449,8M10x17 167.90 €
04624-50-252022021Bsingle-acting2520o-ring flange connection65502516148,510,5x449,8M10x17 194.35 €
04624-50-321022021Bsingle-acting3210o-ring flange connection755527,5201810,512,5x459,8M12x18 198.95 €
04624-50-322022021Bsingle-acting3220o-ring flange connection755527,5201810,512,5x459,8M12x18 244.95 €
04624-50-401022021Bsingle-acting4010o-ring flange connection856331,5251810,516,5x759,8M16x27 231.15 €
04624-50-402022021Bsingle-acting4020o-ring flange connection856331,5251810,516,5x759,8M16x27 278.30 €
04624-50-161612021Bdouble-acting1616o-ring flange connection60402010116,56,3x348,8M6x15 164.45 €
04624-50-163212021Bdouble-acting1632o-ring flange connection60402010116,56,3x348,8M6x15 182.85 €
04624-50-165012021Bdouble-acting1650o-ring flange connection60402010116,56,3x348,8M6x15 182.85 €
04624-50-201612021Bdouble-acting2016o-ring flange connection60402212116,58,5x348,8M8x16 161.00 €
04624-50-203212021Bdouble-acting2032o-ring flange connection60402212116,58,5x348,8M8x16 164.45 €
04624-50-205012021Bdouble-acting2050o-ring flange connection60402212116,58,5x348,8M8x16 170.20 €
04624-50-252012021Bdouble-acting2520o-ring flange connection65502516148,510,5x449,8M10x17 167.90 €
04624-50-255012021Bdouble-acting2550o-ring flange connection65505016148,510,5x449,8M10x17 174.80 €
04624-50-322512021Bdouble-acting3225o-ring flange connection755527,5201810,512,5x459,8M12x18 198.95 €
04624-50-325012021Bdouble-acting3250o-ring flange connection755527,5201810,512,5x459,8M12x18 244.95 €
04624-50-402512021Bdouble-acting4025o-ring flange connection856331,5251810,516,5x759,8M16x27 231.15 €
04624-50-405012021Bdouble-acting4050o-ring flange connection856331,5251810,516,5x759,8M16x27 278.30 €
Order No.FormForm-TypePiston ØtravelHH1H3LL1L2SWEffective
piston area
Compressive force
at 100 bar
Tractive force
at 100 bar
04624-50-160822021Bsingle-acting16835221,1566,46822- 164.45 €
04624-50-162022021Bsingle-acting162035221,1916,46822- 182.85 €
04624-50-200822021Bsingle-acting20835221,1616,47103,13,1- 167.90 €
04624-50-202022021Bsingle-acting202035221,1956,47103,13,1- 184.00 €
04624-50-250822021Bsingle-acting25845301,1648,67134,94,9- 167.90 €
04624-50-252022021Bsingle-acting252045301,1948,67134,94,9- 194.35 €
04624-50-321022021Bsingle-acting321055351,17510,6101788- 198.95 €
04624-50-322022021Bsingle-acting322055351,110010,6101788- 244.95 €
04624-50-401022021Bsingle-acting401063401,17910,6102212,512,6- 231.15 €
04624-50-402022021Bsingle-acting402063401,110410,6102212,512,6- 278.30 €
04624-50-161612021Bdouble-acting161635221,1566,468221,2 164.45 €
04624-50-163212021Bdouble-acting163235221,1736,468221,2 182.85 €
04624-50-165012021Bdouble-acting165035221,1916,468221,2 182.85 €
04624-50-201612021Bdouble-acting201635221,1616,47103,13,12 161.00 €
04624-50-203212021Bdouble-acting203235221,1776,47103,13,12 164.45 €
04624-50-205012021Bdouble-acting205035221,1956,47103,13,12 170.20 €
04624-50-252012021Bdouble-acting252045301,1648,67134,94,92,9 167.90 €
04624-50-255012021Bdouble-acting255045301,1948,67134,94,92,9 174.80 €
04624-50-322512021Bdouble-acting322555351,17510,61017884,9 198.95 €
04624-50-325012021Bdouble-acting325055351,110010,61017884,9 244.95 €
04624-50-402512021Bdouble-acting402563401,17910,6102212,512,67,7 231.15 €
04624-50-405012021Bdouble-acting405063401,110410,6102212,512,67,7 278.30 €
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