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norelem clamps – 03000

The product group 03000 from norelem can be subdivided into eight categories:
- Spring plungers
- Stops
- Ball lock pins
- Indexing plungers
- Locating pins, positioning systems
- Centring clamps
- Parallel blocks, slot keys, dowel pins
- Lateral spring plungers

Spring plungers

The product range from norelem includes various types of spring plunger. The varieties with a thread are available with a hex socket or a screwdriver slot. Spring plungers are often used in machine construction or toolmaking as indexing elements or ejector pins. As sprung element, a ball or pin can be selected which are available in steel, stainless steel, ceramic or polyoxymethylene (POM).
Additional versions:

- With LONG-LOK threadlock
- With detent ring
- With screw head


Eccentric stops, adjustable screw stops or 5D workpiece stops – norelem offers a wide range of stops. Generally, stops act as workpiece or component positioning aids. They are used in fixtures and machine tools, e.g. to repeatedly position fixture baseplates on machine tables.

Ball lock pins

A ball lock pin is composed of three main components: the grip with push button, a pin and the balls. The push button has a spring mechanism which ensures that the pin is disengaged by retracting the balls. When the button is released again, the pin locks automatically as the balls are pushed out. Components to be locked and released quickly and safely with high retaining forces.
The ball lock pins from norelem are available with a wide range of different grips. They are also available in steel, stainless steel and plastic to suit the application.

Indexing plungers

Indexing plungers are used to lock or index machine elements. They can be used in e.g. machine construction to secure pivoting or rotating parts. Indexing plungers are operated with a pulling knob or a pull ring. A mechanism in the plunger withdraws an indexing pin from a hole in a counterpart enabling connections machine elements to be quickly and easily locked or released.
The norelem product range includes indexing plungers with different pin lengths, diameters and materials.

Locating pins / Positioning systems

Locating pins belong to the classic positioning elements. They are ideal for constructing assembly fixtures and for positioning components on machine tools.
Along with a wide range of locating pins, norelem also offers additional positioning elements including centring pins, positioning pins or locating bushes.

Centring clamp

Workpieces can be optimally clamped or positioned using centring clamps. Clamping in a bore results in the workpiece being centred repeatedly with a high level of accuracy and without distortion. Other advantages of centring clamps are the low structural height and the wide adjustment range. The component can also be clamped with a positive down force.
At norelem centring clamps with ball and hexagon segments or with wedges are available. Mandrel collets are also available for holding in bores.

Parallel blocks / Slot keys / Dowel pins

This product family includes the following positioning elements:

- DIN 6346 Parallel block pairs
- Positioning brackets
- Slot keys and T-slot keys
- DIN 6585-A Parallel keys and DIN 6888 Woodruff keys
- Dowels

Lateral spring plungers

Lateral spring plungers are used to position, clamp, hold or secure workpieces and components. For engraving, labelling, drilling or welding – lateral spring plungers are universally applicable.
In contrast to conventional spring plungers, lateral spring plungers apply the force horizontally to the thrust pin. The product range from norelem includes lateral spring plungers with or without threaded sleeve and an offset bush cam for holding and positioning the spring plungers.
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