Status report 29.10.2013

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  • Das RACOON-Lab an der Technischen Universität München
Status Report October 2013
Projet Racoon-Lab, UT Munich
Two further milestones toward completion of the Racoon space flight simulation:
1) Trial run of the axes:
A properly functioning mechanical system has grown from many separate parts. Work on the motion mechanism for the robot satellite – called Chaser – had started as early as the beginning of the year. It requires six axes to be able to position the robot satellite at any point and location on site. So as not only to be able to perform a trial run manually, the motor units and the electronic open-loop control system need to be integrated. Hundreds of meters of cable are installed for this purpose.
2) Monorail with artificial sun:
With the illumination unit the carriage can be run on the circular monorail around the entire facility.
The installation of the dark room for the simulation of outer space is already in start-up as well.
Diplom-Ingenieur Andreas Fleischner TU München Projekt Racoon-Lab
Here is the full article by Graduate Engineer Andreas Fleischner, Munich Technical University
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