Seven teams submitted their construction plans. Three of them were selected by a jury made up of KIT professors and sponsors to build their concept. One of them is Team GreenAirEnergy that was provided with products by norelem.
The 10-member team were building their solar thermal power station up to the 13.06.2013 target date.
On a sunny day it is possible for GreenAirEnergy's power station to produce an output of about 30 watts. That is enough to charge three to four mobile phones. The more sun there is, the more the power station's output increases too.

The team promised themselves a power station on the basis of their concept which is simple and economical to produce, safe and reliable to operate and useable at the height of summer and on days and in places without direct solar radiation as well.

We congratulate them on their execution!
Modular construction
Modularer Aufbau eines solarthermischen Kraftwerks
The power station is based – in simple terms - on a bed sized wooden chest to which an absorber plate is fastened. The sun heats the black plate; the air is heated up, which in turn powers a Stirling engine. To optimise the system in terms of safety, robustness and cost efficiency the engine uses air as the working medium.
Hot side
Die Heißseite des Solarthermischen Kraftwerks besteht aus einer Acrylglasplatte
The module's hot side consists of an acrylic glass plate that protects against convection losses, a 3-ply absorber plate and a support structure for its stability.
Displacement piston
Verdrängerkolben aus Polystyrol-Schaum für Solarthermisches Kraftwerk
The displacement piston inside the unit is made of polystyrene foam. Adapter plates are cemented to the piston for attachment to the lever mechanism.
Lever mechanism
The up and down movement of the displacement piston is effected by means of parallel kinematics.
Hebelmechanik des solarthermischen Kraftwerks GreenAirEnergy
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