CUBUS multi-function belt
norelem supports technician project
norelem supports the CUBUS Team as part of a project involving the training of technicians at the Hohentwiel Trade School in Singen (Germany).
CUBUS has developed the ORION BELT, with its multi-function clasp. The belt clasp comes with an all-round range of equipment, including such items as a USB stick, bottle opener and bits. The belt includes a norelem spring-loaded pressure element.
Bernhard Roth, Group Designer: "Spring-loaded pressure elements are an important part of the mechanical device, and they are ideal for our purpose. They are fitted to allow the USB stick to be secured in any belt clasp. Thanks to the norelem element, the USB stick can easily be removed and pushed back in."
AMIGO 1.0 - The coupling buckle
What began as a technical project, is celebrating success. Demand was so great that two team members started their own company.
Gürtelschnalle mit USB-Stick
Hohentwiel-Gewerbeschule Singen Cubus Multifunktionsgürtel
CUBUS Multifunktionsgürtel
ORION-GÜRTEL CUBUS Multifunktionsgürtel
ORION-GÜRTEL mit Multifunktions-Schnalle
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