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Toothed drive components for optimum power transmission

The drive equipment from norelem consists of chains and sprockets, toothed belts and pulleys, splined shafts, gear wheels, gear racks and bevelled gears.
In daily life there are many power transmission tasks, especially in machine construction and automation technology. With the drive technology from norelem, positioning problems can also be confidently solved.
At norelem, all sizes and modules can be ordered ex stock with high availability.
In the entire product group over 2500 articles are listed.

Chain drive

A chain drive consists mostly of sprockets with hub, matching disc sprockets and a roller chain. In special cases, where required these are supplemented by chain clamps and idler sprockets. Sprockets from norelem were specially developed for the machine construction and industry sectors. For this reason, the sprockets are available in many conventional sizes and varieties online from the webshop.

»Sprockets from norelem

are robust, resistant, durable and manufactured to DIN/ISO 606 standards. The teeth are milled and inductive hardened. The keyway is exactly aligned with a tooth tip. Most of the sprockets from norelem are pre-bored (ready for use) and easy to assemble. In addition to steel sprockets norelem also have stainless steel sprockets available from the online shop. These are used e.g. in the foodstuff industries.
As accessories, single chain links for the roller chains can also be reordered any time.

Toothed belt system:

Toothed belt systems consist of a toothed belt and two or more toothed pulleys. There are diverse advantages to a

»toothed belt system

. When transmitting high forces by high accelerations, toothed belt systems ensure exact positioning and guarantee constant synchronisation. High energy efficiency and low noise are an added plus. Not only the standard sizes are available in the norelem range, toothed belts can also be ordered by the metre to suit the application.
Classic applications can be found in machine construction, automation technology and other branches. Gantry systems of high performance lasers, pick-and place units, rotary table systems or conveyor lines are just a few practical examples.
Toothed belt drives combine the positive properties of a chain and a flat belt, and also require less maintenance. Toothed belt systems are quiet, very precise and fully slip-free. A prerequisite for this is a good coordination of the components. An additional advantage over chain drives is the high acceleration.

Gear wheel drives - General

Gear wheel drives are the most common drive type used in machine construction. Gear wheel drives are used to transfer torque with a given speed from one shaft to another. To accomplish this different gear sizes are combined. By simply exchanging the individual gear wheels, another torque and speed ration can be achieved.

Compared to sprocket drives and belt drives, gear drives have the advantage that smaller centre distances can be achieved. Much higher power transmissions can also be achieved when compared to belt drives.
Other advantages are the slip-free and positive force transmission, the multitude of possible transmission ratios and the simple construction (low maintenance and reliability).

Gear wheel drive types include the following versions:

• Spur gear drives
• Bevel gear drives
• Worm drives

Gear wheel drives - Spur gears

Spur gears, sometimes called straight-cut gears are the simplest and most common type of gear wheel. In drive technology spur gears are always used where high peripheral forces have to be transmitted. When used in combination with a

»gear rack

rotary movements can be transformed into a linear movement (and vice versa). When designing a spur gear transmission, horizontal shafts are preferred to vertical shafts. The shaft seating should be as precise as possible to ensure a long service life of the gears. Lubrication also functions best in the horizontal position. Attention should be paid to the parallelism of the shafts during installation so that misalignments are kept as low as possible. It is also important that the correct centre distances are maintained.

Gear wheel drives - Bevel gears

Cone shaped bevel gears are mostly used in transmission types where the shafts intersect at a given angle (mostly 90°)

It is important here to keep the deflection of the contact pattern as small as possible under operating load. This is achieved by a small as possible distance from the tooth centre to the support bearing with a simultaneously large as possible shaft diameter.

At norelem bevel gears are available with the following ratio's:


The teeth are always straight and the bevel gears are all made from steel. The engagement angle is 20°.

Worm drives / Worm gears

In machine and tool construction a worm screw is a shaft with one or more spiral(s) cut into it. When combined with a worm wheel they form a worm drive. The axes of the worm screw and the worm wheel intersect at 90°. Worm drives are ideal for translating large ratios into a slow speed.
Worm gears are suitable for continuous operation at high speeds and high torques.

Worm drives are mostly used where the drive should be low-noise. Because of how thex are constructed worm gears are also highly robust. Efficiency is often not very high with high power ratios, since in addition to a rolling movement, a sliding movement (self-locking) is also required to drive the transmission.

Worm drives are often used on large roller machines and presses as the transmission unit. They find use in conveyor technology. High axial forces often occur where worm drives are used. This is mainly due to the fact that the worm screw is firmly mounted despite helical toothing.

The worm wheels from norelem are made from bronze. The worm screws are made from case hardened and ground steel. The worm screws are all right-hand.

Transmissions - Ready-to-install worm drives

Various types of ready-to-install transmissions are also available from norelem. All transmissions can be viewed around 360°. Our sales personal would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the transmissions.

The housings of the worm drive units are aluminium, the worm screws are steel and the worm wheels are a special brass alloy. The housings are anodised and the worm screws are case hardened.

The transmission is unversally applicable and, due to the encapsulated housing maintenance-free. In addition, worm gears are very quiet and the power transmission is smooth. The worm drives can be mounted using simple screw fasteners. The transmission conforms to RoHs.

Transmissions - Ready-to-install bevel gear drives

There are three different types of ready-to-install bevel gear transmissions available from norelem: • One with a plastic housing • One with an aluminium housing • One with a die-cast zinc housing The bevel gear transmission with the plastic housing is especially suited for short term machine drives (pulse drives) at low speeds or for manual operation. Rotation in both directions is possible. The

»bevel transmission

with aluminium housing and steel bevel gears is a high quality, universally applicable and maintenance-free transmission. There are seven sizes available from norelem. The ratio is always 1:1 and the direction of rotation is arbitrary. The transmission also has the advantage that it can be mounted in any position. The bevel gear transmission with the die-cast zinc housing and steel bevel gears is ideal for drives with electric motors. In practice, these transmissions are mainly used as differential or distributor gearboxes. They are also used as an auxiliary gear drive for electric motors (i.e. for window blinds). All ready-to-install transmissions from norelem conform to RoHs.
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