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norelem positions – ring bolts, hoist rings, lifting bolts

As a subgroup of 07000, this range features the following products:
- Ring bolts & ring nuts
- Swivel ring bolts & shackles
- Hoist rings
- Ball lifting pins
- Crane hooks, swivel hooks & chain links

slinging point

Slinging points fall under the lifting tackle product family.
For a mechanical engineer, a slinging point refers to a screw-in or weld-on fastening element. This can include ring bolts, lifting bolts or hoist rings. These slinging points are used to join lifting elements (i.e. chains or slings) to the load being lifted.

Slinging points are important operational elements which are designed for everyday usage. Both tools and machines can be safely transported using slinging points. Additional application examples are:

- The lashing of goods
- As a restraint
- As an element offering motion support during transport

Slinging points from norelem meet important safety standards. They are durable, stable and reliable.

Ring bolts

In practice, a ring bolt is always used where heavy loads are to be lifted by a connecting element. A ring bolt is very robust, strong and resilient, which is why ring bolts are ideal for use as load handling elements or slinging points on machines and construction sites.

There are various types of ring bolts in the norelem product range. The ring-shaped eyelet has a thread underneath. If it has a male thread it is called a ring bolt, with a female thread it is called a ring nut. Steel versions are produced according to DIN 580, stainless steel versions are similar to DIN 580.

Grade 10 ring bolts are plastic coated and have a pivoting ring. This enables an alignment of the forces and prevents the ring bolt working loose or overtightening (lateral slinging up to 90° is possible / ring can rotate 360° when screw is tightened). The ring bolts can be used at temperatures ranging from -20°C to + 100°C.

Note: The optimum load rating is only achieved when the entire thread is screwed into the mating part.

Swivel ring

A swivel ring bolt (also known as a swivel eye bolt or rotating eye bolt) is a screw-in slinging point with a ball bearing. The rotatable swivel ring bolts are meant for lifting heavy loads which have to be rotated or turned. Swivel ring bolts are also used for securing loads.

The swivel ring bolts from norelem are made of steel and are grade 8. The surface is red powder-coated. The lifting characteristics conform to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.


For the payload to be valid it must be ensured that the ring is in line with the load. The swivel ring bolt must lie flat against the seating face and must always be completely screwed in.


Shackles are used to take up tractive forces. They are often used as connecting links for rigging systems to connect chains or cables to a fixed components and take up the resulting forces. Most shackles are lightweight and convenient, with a high permissible load.

norelem supplies both D-shackles and bow shackles with a threaded bolt.

Ball lifting pins

The TÜV certified ball lifting pins from norelem are used as quick-locking lifting elements. Ball lifting pins work on the same principle as ball lock pins. The balls are disengaged by pressing the aluminium push button. Once the push button is released, the balls lock automatically and quickly in the respective locking element (locating bushes for ball lifting pins).

norelem offers steel ball lifting pins with a manganese phosphate coating. A stainless-steel version and the corresponding locating bushes are also available in the online shop. The shackle is free to move and is made from steel or stainless steel. All ball lifting pins are protected from corrosion and designed for temperatures of up to 250°C.

Pivoting Lift Rings

Hoist rings are lifting elements which are able to rotate by up to 360° enabling the rings to better adapt to applied forces. Compared to fixed slinging points, hoist rings can take up the full load from any installed position.

The online shop from norelem offers numerous versions of these hoist rings. A wide range of rings are used depending on the application. For instance:

- Hoist rings with an Envirolox coating for extreme ambient conditions
- 360° rotating hoist rings, grade 10, for stringent quality requirements
- Lateral ring hoist rings for lateral forces

All hoist rings are subjected to another visual inspection after the load bearing test. There are steel (black oxidised) and stainless-steel versions.

Slip hooks

The norelem range also includes the classic crane hook, which can be used to safely lift heavy loads in the construction sector, plant construction or even in logistics. The crane hook links the lifting medium (cable, chain, round sling) with the items being lifted.

The crane hooks from norelem are made from plastic coated steel and are all grade 10. There are crane hooks with a forged safety catch, as swivel hooks, as chain links or as a round sling hooks (grade 8).
The swivel hook is practically a pivoting crane hook (eye can be rotated by 360°), the advantage being that kinetic energy in the form of torsion cannot act directly on the load.

Note: When lifting the load the safety catch closes automatically and is securely locked by a locking mechanism on the rear of the crane hook. To open the system, the locking mechanism must be operating manually.
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