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Clamping screws carbon steel.
Version:Black oxidised.
Clamping screws ISO 4762, grade 12.9.
Note:Two screw parts that are elastically connected are tightened against each other with screws.
The adjustment nut is constructed rotationally symmetric. There are no unbalancing keyways or slots.
Note:The adjustment nut can be axially deformed and must be handled with care. The clamping screws may only be tightened when the adjustment nut is completely screwed onto the spindle thread, otherwise the adjustment nut could become defective through unacceptable plastic deformation.
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet 07598 Adjustment nuts 249 kB
 07598 Technical Information for Adjusting Nuts 110 kB


Adjustment nuts

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Order No.DD1D2D3D4D5D6HLL1Tightening
torque of
screws Nm
Max. static axial
pressure stress
Max. dynamic axial
pressure stress
07598-024101015M10x12422173,22,5M31536,52150001200027 34.85 €
07598-026121515M12x1,52625193,23M31536,52180001300040 34.85 €
07598-032141516M14x1,5323022,54,34M416372,9220001700096 36.19 €
07598-034161518M16x1,534-24,54,34M4185-2,92200017000147 23.83 €
07598-036181518M18x1,536-26,54,34M4185-2,92500019000183 24.56 €
07598-040201518M20x1,540-30,54,34M4185-2,92800018000283 24.82 €
07598-040221518M22x1,540-30,54,34M4185-2,93200023000270 24.93 €
07598-042241518M24x1,542-32,54,34M4185-2,93500025000323 26.28 €
07598-045261520M26x1,545-36,54,35M4206,5-2,94900034000479 26.65 €
07598-046281520M28x1,546-38,54,35M4206,5-2,95300036000504 27.27 €
07598-048301520M30x1,548-40,54,35M4206,5-2,95700038000588 28.36 €
07598-050321522M32x1,550-42,54,35M4227-2,96400044000743 29.58 €
07598-053351522M35x1,553-45,54,35M4227-2,96600047000914 30.81 €
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