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DescriptionMaterial:EPDM or PVC and EPDM foam rubber.Version:black.Note:In addition to edge protection, these profiles also provide a sealing function against moisture, dust and dirt for other elements such as doors, hatches or housing covers. Depending on the shape of the foam rubber profile, they can be used in a wide range of applications.

EPDM rubber sizes 11, 13, 15 and 22 are UL50, UL50E and UL94HB certified.
Assembly:Easy, quick and smooth assembly. The edge protection profile is easy to push on by hand and remains in place. No adhesive or fastening material required.On request:Other lengths.Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet 96521 Edge protection profiles with integrated steel wire core 201 kB
 Edge protection technical information 72,6 kB

Drawings (total overview)

Edge protection profiles with integrated steel wire core

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96521-015X2000AEPDM20000,5-1,5A=50 B=180 C=25 D=258-157 11.57 €
96521-015X5000AEPDM50000,5-1,5A=50 B=180 C=25 D=258-157 26.19 €
96521-015X10000AEPDM100000,5-1,5A=50 B=180 C=25 D=258-157 50.54 €
96521-015X20000AEPDM200000,5-1,5A=50 B=180 C=25 D=258-157 99.25 €
96521-015X50000AEPDM500000,5-1,5A=50 B=180 C=25 D=258-157 245.36 €
96521-122X2000BEPDM20001,0-3,0A=50 B=180 C=30 D=3011-2211 8.04 €
96521-122X5000BEPDM50001,0-3,0A=50 B=180 C=30 D=3011-2211 17.35 €
96521-122X10000BEPDM100001,0-3,0A=50 B=180 C=30 D=3011-2211 32.88 €
96521-122X20000BEPDM200001,0-3,0A=50 B=180 C=30 D=3011-2211 63.93 €
96521-122X50000BEPDM500001,0-3,0A=50 B=180 C=30 D=3011-2211 157.08 €
96521-211X2000CEPDM20001,0-2,0A=100 B=200 C=100 D=608911- 10.05 €
96521-211X5000CEPDM50001,0-2,0A=100 B=200 C=100 D=608911- 22.38 €
96521-211X10000CEPDM100001,0-2,0A=100 B=200 C=100 D=608911- 42.93 €
96521-211X20000CEPDM200001,0-2,0A=100 B=200 C=100 D=608911- 84.02 €
96521-211X50000CEPDM500001,0-2,0A=100 B=200 C=100 D=608911- 207.31 €
96521-313X2000DEPDM20002,0A=50 B=20 C=120 D=4091213- 10.79 €
96521-313X5000DEPDM50002,0A=50 B=20 C=120 D=4091213- 24.21 €
96521-313X10000DEPDM100002,0A=50 B=20 C=120 D=4091213- 46.58 €
96521-313X20000DEPDM200002,0A=50 B=20 C=120 D=4091213- 91.32 €
96521-313X50000DEPDM500002,0A=50 B=20 C=120 D=4091213- 225.57 €
96521-415X2000EPVC20001,0-2,0A=20 B=40 C=10 D=106,5-157 11.21 €
96521-415X5000EPVC50001,0-2,0A=20 B=40 C=10 D=106,5-157 25.27 €
96521-415X10000EPVC100001,0-2,0A=20 B=40 C=10 D=106,5-157 48.70 €
96521-415X20000EPVC200001,0-2,0A=20 B=40 C=10 D=106,5-157 95.59 €
96521-415X50000EPVC500001,0-2,0A=20 B=40 C=10 D=106,5-157 236.22 €
96521-510X2000FPVC20001,0-2,0A=20 B=15 C=30 D=307910- 9.57 €
96521-510X5000FPVC50001,0-2,0A=20 B=15 C=30 D=307910- 21.16 €
96521-510X10000FPVC100001,0-2,0A=20 B=15 C=30 D=307910- 40.49 €
96521-510X20000FPVC200001,0-2,0A=20 B=15 C=30 D=307910- 79.14 €
96521-510X50000FPVC500001,0-2,0A=20 B=15 C=30 D=307910- 195.13 €
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