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Stepper motor with integrated positioning control

Stepper motor with integrated positioning control

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DescriptionVersion:2-phase high-torque stepper motor in NEMA 17 (42 mm) size and 1.8° increment angle (full increment) with integrated position control.Note:Stepper motor with integrated positioning control. A convenient unit consisting of stepper motor and intelligent controller. Reference travel is possible on a block with reduced electric current without proximity switch. Integrated rotational monitoring. Smooth running through dynamic switching of increment trip.

Actuation via single I/O interface, 31 position configurations and call-ups.

Control unit can be parametrised quickly and conveniently with the software. The software and manual for programming the positioning control are available as free of charge download.
Technical data:Control voltage: +24 V to +36 V DC
Motor voltage: +24 V to +48 V DC
Interfaces: Digital I/0-BAC, frequency/direction
Retaining torque: up to 0.45 Nm
Rotor moment of inertia: 0.068 kgcm²
Current drop: adjustable
Inputs: 6 (+24 V to +36 V DC)
Outputs: 2 (+24 V)
Application temperature: 0 °C to +50 °C
USB to RS-232 (9-pin SUB-D connector). This USB stick transfers serial data with TTL level to the PC or notebook via the USB interface. Length ca. 500mm with 1.8 m USB extension cable.
15-pin SUB-D socket to 15-pin SUB-D connector and 9-pin SUB-D socket, length approx. 170 mm.
Connection cable:
15-pin SUB-D HD socket, length 5 m. Drag-chain compatible.
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet 25000-10 Stepper motors with integrated positioning control 723 kB
 Step motor: software and handbook 5,2 MB


Stepper motor with integrated positioning control
Stepper motor with integrated positioning control

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Order No.ItemCADAcc.PriceOrder
25000-10-170043Stepper Motor 623.73 €
25000-10-230200Stepper Motor 653.75 €
25000-10-340820Stepper Motor 1,324.80 €
Order No.SizeAA1A2B

DD1D2D3EHL1L3L4L5L6SControl voltage
Motor voltage
25000-10-170043NEMA 17313343,542522M03x4,55,24,590202157824-+24 - +36+24 - +48 623.73 €
25000-10-230200NEMA 2347,14472857,156,3538,14,55,25,89020,61,61510924,45+24 - +36+24 - +48 653.75 €
25000-10-340820NEMA 3469,6--8614736,5-13128,5371,625195,6479+24 - +36+24 - +60 1,324.80 €
Order No.

Retaining torque
Phase current
Moment of inertia
25000-10-1700430,43adjustable up to 30,068DIGITAL I/O BAC, CYCLE/DIRECTION BAC 623.73 €
25000-10-2302001,75adjustable up to 30,48DIGITAL I/O BAC, CYCLE/DIRECTION BAC 653.75 €
25000-10-3408206,2adjustable up to 6,32,7DIGITAL I/O OR CYCLE/DIRECTION 1,324.80 €
Order No.

Current reduction
Step resolution
25000-10-170043AJUSTABLE6 (+24 - +36 V DC)2 (+24 V DC)1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1INTEGRATED FOR MONITORING THE POSITION 623.73 €
25000-10-230200AJUSTABLE6 (+24 - +36 V DC)2 (+24 V DC)1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1INTEGRATED FOR MONITORING THE POSITION 653.75 €
25000-10-340820AJUSTABLE6 (+24 - +36 V DC)2 (+24 V DC)1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1INTEGRATED FOR MONITORING THE POSITION 1,324.80 €
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