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Indexing plungers, steel or stainless steel, short version with plastic mushroom grip, locking slot and locknut

Indexing plungers, steel or stainless steel, short version with...

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Steel version
Indexing pin hardened:
grade 5.8

Stainless steel version
Indexing pin not hardened:
Threaded sleeve 1.4305.
Indexing pin 1.4305.

Mushroom grip thermoplastic, black-grey or traffic red RAL 3020.

Version:Steel version:
Indexing pin hardened, ground, black oxidised.

Stainless steel version:
Indexing pin not hardened, ground, bright.
Note:Indexing plungers are used to prevent any change in position due to lateral forces. A new locking position can only be set after the pin has been manually disengaged. Form C or D is recommended for applications in which the pin is disengaged over extended periods and should be prevented from springing back.On request:Special versions.Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet 03089_D Indexing plungers, steel or stainless steel, short version with plastic mushroom grip, locking slot and locknut 204 kB


Indexing plungers, steel or stainless steel, short version with plastic mushroom grip, locking slot and locknut

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Order No.FormMain
Surface finish
SW1SW2Fx30°Spring force
initial pressure
F1 approx. N
Spring force
final pressure
F2 approx. N
03089-8903Dsteelhardenedblack grey RAL 70213M6x0,751425,5653,58100,8410 10.91 €
03089-8004Dsteelhardenedblack grey RAL 70214M8x11829,566410131412  10.42 €
03089-8105Dsteelhardenedblack grey RAL 70215M10x12134,587513171,3512  9.91 €
03089-8206Dsteelhardenedblack grey RAL 70216M12x1,52541,7108614191,8614  10.70 €
03089-8308Dsteelhardenedblack grey RAL 70218M16x1,533541210819242,31428  12.78 €
03089-8410Dsteelhardenedblack grey RAL 702110M20x1,5336115121022302,81532 20.75 €
03089-890384Dsteelhardenedred RAL 30203M6x0,751425,5653,58100,8410 10.91 €
03089-800484Dsteelhardenedred RAL 30204M8x11829,566410131412 10.42 €
03089-810584Dsteelhardenedred RAL 30205M10x12134,587513171,3512 9.91 €
03089-820684Dsteelhardenedred RAL 30206M12x1,52541,7108614191,8614 10.70 €
03089-830884Dsteelhardenedred RAL 30208M16x1,533541210819242,31428 12.78 €
03089-841084Dsteelhardenedred RAL 302010M20x1,5336115121022302,81532 20.75 €
03089-18903Dstainless steelnot hardenedblack grey RAL 70213M6x0,751425,5653,58100,8410 15.96 €
03089-18004Dstainless steelnot hardenedblack grey RAL 70214M8x11829,566410131412  15.23 €
03089-18105Dstainless steelnot hardenedblack grey RAL 70215M10x12134,587513171,3512  14.52 €
03089-18206Dstainless steelnot hardenedblack grey RAL 70216M12x1,52541,7108614191,8614  17.04 €
03089-18308Dstainless steelnot hardenedblack grey RAL 70218M16x1,533541210819242,31428  22.98 €
03089-18410Dstainless steelnot hardenedblack grey RAL 702110M20x1,5336115121022302,81532 42.93 €
03089-1890384Dstainless steelnot hardenedred RAL 30203M6x0,751425,5653,58100,8410 15.96 €
03089-1800484Dstainless steelnot hardenedred RAL 30204M8x11829,566410131412 15.23 €
03089-1810584Dstainless steelnot hardenedred RAL 30205M10x12134,587513171,3512 14.52 €
03089-1820684Dstainless steelnot hardenedred RAL 30206M12x1,52541,7108614191,8614 17.04 €
03089-1830884Dstainless steelnot hardenedred RAL 30208M16x1,533541210819242,31428 22.98 €
03089-1841084Dstainless steelnot hardenedred RAL 302010M20x1,5336115121022302,81532 42.93 €
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