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Cylinder roller bearing FAG with cage
  • Cylinder roller bearing FAG with cage
  • Cylinder roller bearing FAG with cage
DescriptionMaterial:Inner ring, outer ring and rolling elements, bearing steel.
Cage reinforced fibre glass polyamide.
Version:NU floating bearing.
NJ support bearing.
Note:Cylinder roller bearings accept high radial loads. The bearings are separable. The bearing parts can be fitted independently of each other. This means that both bearing rings can have a tight fit. The bearings are supplied without seals. They can be lubricated with grease or oil from the side. Suitable for high speeds.
NU version are floating bearings and accept only radial forces. The outer ring has two flanges, the inner ring has none. Outer and inner rings can be displaced by the value S in both directions.

NJ versions are support bearings and accept axial loads in one direction in addition to radial loads. The outer ring has two flanges, the inner ring has one flange. Outer and inner rings can be displaced in one direction by the value S.

Dimensional and running tolerances correspond to tolerance class PN acc. to DIN 620. This radial clearance corresponds to the clearance CN acc. to DIN 620-4. These tolerance classes are standard and are well suited for most applications.
Temperature range:-30 °C to +120 °C.On request:Other dimensions and versions.
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:
 Datasheet 23820 Cylinder roller bearing FAG with cage 945 kB


Cylinder roller bearing FAG with cage

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DD1BR min.R1 min.SDynamic
load rating
load rating
Speed limit
23820-001503511NU-202-E-TVP2NU floating bearing1535110,60,31,615.10010.40022.000 33.11 €
23820-101503511NJ-202-E-TVP2NJ support bearing1535110,60,31,615.10010.40022.000 35.42 €
23820-001704012NU-203-E-TVP2NU floating bearing1740120,60,31,220.80014.60018.000 33.71 €
23820-101704012NJ-203-E-TVP2NJ support bearing1740120,60,31,220.80014.60018.000 36.49 €
23820-002004714NU-204-E-TVP2NU floating bearing20471410,60,832.50024.70016.000 34.57 €
23820-102004714NJ-204-E-TVP2NJ support bearing20471410,6132.50024.70016.000 38.73 €
23820-002505215NU-205-E-TVP2NU floating bearing25521510,61,334.50027.50015.000 39.25 €
23820-102505215NJ-205-E-TVP2NJ support bearing25521510,61,234.50027.50015.000 41.50 €
23820-003006216NU-206-E-TVP2NU floating bearing30621610,61,545.00036.00012.000 43.39 €
23820-103006216NJ-206-E-TVP2NJ support bearing30621610,61,545.00036.00012.000 48.01 €
23820-003507217NU-207-E-TVP2NU floating bearing3572171,10,60,758.00048.50010.000 50.93 €
23820-103507217NJ-207-E-TVP2NJ support bearing3572171,10,60,758.00048.50010.000 55.81 €
23820-004008018NU-208-E-TVP2NU floating bearing4080181,11,1163.00053.0009.000 57.27 €
23820-104008018NJ-208-E-TVP2NJ support bearing4080181,11,1163.00053.0009.000 64.55 €
23820-004508519NU-209-E-TVP2NU floating bearing4585191,11,1172.00063.0008.500 63.70 €
23820-104508519NJ-209-E-TVP2NJ support bearing4585191,11,11,972.00063.0008.500 69.92 €
23820-005009020NU-210-E-TVP2NU floating bearing5090201,11,11,375.00069.0008.000 70.33 €
23820-105009020NJ-210-E-TVP2NJ support bearing5090201,11,11,375.00069.0008.000 76.15 €
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